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Cornish Organic Wool is 100% organic - produced, spun and hand dyed organically with Soil Association certification at every stage. The company is owned by Matt & Julia Hopson and is based outside Penzance in the very far south-west of Cornwall. Julia also owns Knit Wits wool shop in Penzance and our wool can be purchased there as well as on-line.

The aim of our company is to produce organically certified yarns with minimal impact on the environment.  All our farmers are Soil Association accredited or are certified with Organic Farmers & Growers Ltd (OF&G) and are dedicated to the welfare of their animals. We currently have two yarns in our range: Cornish Organic Wool and Peruk.  Cornish Organic Wool is pure wool and Peruk is a blend of 75% Cornish Organic Wool and 25% alpaca.  All our wool is spun in Scotland at a mill powered by a water wheel and is hand dyed in Cornwall using organically certified dyes.  Our company, 'Cornish Organic Wool' has been licenced by the Soil Association. Licence No: DK 17262.

Cornish Organic Wool is spun to standard UK 4ply, DK, Aran andChunky weights which means you can use it for all your favourite patterns.

Peruk comes in standard DK and Aran weights and is also hand-dyed.  

We have recently commissioned Tina Barrett to produce patterns for both Cornish Organic Wool and Peruk and our pattern support is increasing all the time.